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Portland Police Overtime Request

  1. Overtime Request Form
  2. Please use this form to request police services such as traffic control, event security or crowd control.
  4. **Important Information Regarding Billing:** There is a four hour billing minimum regardless of the length of the event. As of February 26, 2021, the four-hour rate is $224.50 for an officer and $339.19 for a supervisor. Each additional hour is billed at $56.13 for an officer and $84.80 for a supervisor. A 10% administrative fee is added to the cost. Each police cruiser requested will be billed at a rate of $30 per hour with a four hour minimum. **If you need to cancel a job, do so more than 12 hours prior to the start of the job or you will be billed for the 4 hour minimum.
  6. Please enter the date of your event. If there is more than one date, please list below.
  7. Please enter the street address of your event.
  8. Please enter the type of event/detail. (ex: utility work, road race, social gathering, etc)
  9. Please enter the time the officer should be on site.
  10. Please enter the time you expect the officer(s) will be released from the event. If unsure, please leave blank.
  11. * See above for important information regarding billing for events less than 4 hours in length.
  12. Be advised that if you request more than two officers, the third must be a supervisor.
  13. If no officers are available to work this detail, are you willing to hire a supervisor instead? See above for billing rates.
  14. Do you require a police cruiser at your event?
  15. Do you want the officers in uniform or plainclothes?
  16. Please provide the name and cell phone number of the person officers should contact upon arriving at the event location.
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