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Posted on: May 17, 2016

City Council Approves $236 Million FY17 Municipal Budget

The Portland City Council approved the FY17 municipal budget at its May 16, 2016 meeting. The $236 million budget will result in a 2.3% combined property tax increase resulting in a mill rate of $21.11. Thanks to many positive budget drivers, including a $68 million property valuation growth and an increase in revenue, along with the reorganization and streamlining of several departments to focus on core city services, the property tax increase is the lowest tax increase in five years. Despite the many positive budget drivers, the budget does include changes to the Health & Human Services Department due to grant losses and changes in the healthcare field, as well as an overall reduction in the city workforce.

City Manager Jon Jennings released his recommended FY17 municipal budget on April 4.

Since then, the Council’s Finance Committee and full Council reviewed the budget and held several public hearings to gather feedback from citizens.

The approved budget includes several amendments from Councilors related to the India Street Health Clinic. Councilor Belinda Ray’s amendment keeps the needle exchange program, STD testing services, and the Portland Community Free Clinic operational at the India Street Health Clinic at 103 India Street managed by the City’s Public Health Division through June 30, 2017. Following that, it will operate at 103 India Street, but be managed by Portland Community Health Center (soon to be known as Greater Portland Health.)

This means that the City will be supporting the transition of the Ryan White HIV services and programs to the Portland Community Health Center as of January 1, 2017, and are working with our Federal partners to achieve a successful outcome.

Councilor Justin Costa’s amendment requires that two Ryan White HIV patients from India Street, two patients from Portland CHC, and one community member appointed by the City Manager will be involved in the planning of the transition of services. Councilor Jill Duson’s amendment requires that the City Manager will provide briefings on the transition of services to the Council’s Health and Human Services Committee every two months.

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