CDBG Priority Task Force

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is a federal grant program that allocates funds to over 1,200 cities and counties throughout the country. For the past ten years this funding has decreased. The goal of the CDBG Priority Task Force therefore, is to focus CDBG resources in a complementary way to create a comprehensive community impact and make a visible difference in the eligible neighborhoods. The Task Force first convened in 2008 and again in 2012 to set program priorities for this crucial source of funds for the City of Portland. This Task Force is expected to convene again in 2017.


The 2012 CDBG Priority Task Force was asked to re-evaluate the current CDBG priorities in order to focus the funds in an environment of diminishing resources. Their recommendation was to create a Sustainable Workforce Development Program that would move Portland residents out of poverty into sustained employment and financial stability, a charge that was picked up by the CDBG Working Group of 2013.

Committee Members
Frank Gallagher, Chair
Jon Bradley
Tae Chong
Anna Collins
Sean Dundon
Nell-Garwood Garvey
Wendy Harmon
Karma O'Connor
Claude Rwaganje
Victoria Szatkowski


The 2008 CDBG Priority Task Force was charged with the task of reviewing priorities, researching needs within the community, and recommending priorities for allocating annual CDBG funding. They determined that the goal of any CDBG funded projects should be to build strong, self-sustaining neighborhoods. With this goal in mind, the recommended that all programs and projects should:

1. Be Consistent & Coordinated with HUD requirements, city objectives, plans, goals and other CDBG or HOME investments.
2. Have a Measurable Community Impact
3. Focus on a targeted Location
4. Promote Diversity & Inclusiveness
5. Give Priority to the Lowest Income Persons in the city
6. Leverage Funding
7. Promote Sustainability

Furthermore, all programs should fall into one of the following categories:
Work & Shop
Mobility & Accessibility
Safe Neighborhoods
Basic Needs

Committee Members
Anna T. Collins, Co-Chair
Denis Lachman, Co-Chair
Jon Bradley
Jeannemarie Celentano
Frank Gallagher
Larry Gross
Wendy Harmon
Rhonda Juneau
Shalom Odokara
Kyra Walker
Rachael Weyand