Use of Public Space

The use of public space -- including our city parks and open spaces -- for events, group gatherings, and organized festivals is one of the many services the Public Assembly Facilities Division assists in managing. Depending on the event, we will issue the permit, or if needed, guide you to the appropriate department for additional permitting. Please note: for use of athletic fields, please call the Recreation Office at 207-808-5400.

Process for Use of City Property

Use permit is needed when one or more of the following is applicable:
  • 25 or more individuals are anticipated to attend an organized event
  • Canopies / tents, film equipment, musical equipment, etc. - are placed down on city property
  • Electricity is needed for an event

Permits Required

Typical events requiring a permit are: 

  • Banners (over the streets)
  • Block parties
  • Company outings
  • Concerts
  • Film shoots / photo shoots
  • Fundraisers
  • Large family reunions
  • Press conferences
  • Rallies
  • Road races
  • Walkathons
  • Weddings

Steps to Use Public Space or Parks

  • The "Application for Use of City Parks and Public Space” is completed by presenting organization/organizer.
    • To confirm date and location availability prior to completing application, please call Clare Norton at 207-808-5400.
  • Application submitted to Public Assembly Facilities Division. E-mail is preferred:
  • Application is reviewed; initial contact is made with event organizer
    • Application may be forwarded to city staff for review
    • Tentative approval may be given for event plans to move forward
    • Recommend changes may be requested to proposal/application
    • Application for use may be denied
  • Once tentative approval is given:
    • Insurance certificates must be obtained
    • Permit fees paid in full
    • Security deposits filed
    • Application for City Licenses
  • Once all necessary items are filed with the Public Assembly Facilities Division,
    • "Permit for Use” is issued, usually via email
    • This permit will contain conditions for use and information regarding assistance needs from City Departments