Construction Projects

Spring is the start of our construction season where new sidewalks are built, roads are paved, and public utility projects begin. Check out the list below for more details on confirmed projects taking place this season.

Construction Activity Summary


  • Mill: Grinding a section of the existing pavement to a particular level and placing a new layer of pavement on top
  • Overlay: Placing a new layer of pavement over what already exists; no grinding of existing pavement
  • Patch: Making spot repairs on the existing pavement
  • Reclaim: Grinding up existing pavement and gravel which becomes the road base. Two layers of pavement are then placed on top.
  • Resurface: Grinding off surface of existing pavement (two inches) and then pave over that
  • Reconstruction: Total rebuilding of street


For additional information on these projects, please call our office at 207-874-8846. The receptionist will direct you to the appropriate project Engineer.