Emergency Preparedness

How to Prepare for an Emergency

Every family needs to be prepared for emergencies. An emergency preparedness kit is easy to make and helps you and your family, including pets, have what you need to survive from a few hours to a few days until disaster-relief workers arrive.

Below is a comprehensive resource guide that can help you assemble the kit that’s right for you and your family. Start by taking a look at the two complete guides below and then see the step-by-step that follows.

Emergency Preparedness Steps

Please write to the Portland Public Health Division if you have questions about the information provided or how to make your own emergency kit.
  1. Cities Readiness Initiative

    The Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a federally funded program designed to increase bioterrorism preparedness in the nation's larger cities.

  2. Important Emergency Numbers & Contact Information

  3. Step 1: Get Informed

    Step 1 involves understanding the hazards that face you and your family in your particular community.

  4. Step 2: Make a Kit

  5. Step 3: Make a Plan

  6. Step 4: Learn Where To Go

    Step 4 involves understanding the evacuation and emergency plans for your area. Each town in Cumberland County has a plan for dealing with emergency situations.