Broadband Planning Committee

The results of the Island Internet Survey, conducted in summer 2021, can be found here. We hope this information will help future conversations related to infrastructure planning and investment.


Committee Background

The City of Portland Broadband Planning Committee was formed in November 2020 to engage Casco Bay island residents in evaluating their collective interest in and needs related to broadband service.

Committee members include:
Peter Eckel (Peaks Island)
Nell Donaldson (City of Portland, Planning & Urban Development)
Scott Johnston (Little Diamond Island)
Bill Needelman (City of Portland, Housing & Economic Development)
Sidney (Pete) Thaxter (Cushing Island)
Dave Witting (Great Diamond Island)
Dave Farnham (Great Diamond Island)

The Committee will meet with other islands, ISPs, and subject matter experts to learn about various broadband solutions and business models. They will also lead community education and engagement to involve other island residents in the development of one or multiple recommendations.

Recorded Broadband Planning Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. Visit our Agenda Center to learn more. For more information, please contact