Racial Equity Steering Committee

Request for Public Input The Racial Equity Steering Committee (RESC) would like to learn about residents' concerns, ideas, and recommendations regarding how the City of Portland addresses public safety and racial equity. Members of the public are invited to submit written public comment for the Committee's review by Google form or email by March 15, 2021.
RESC Background Mayor Kate Snyder announced the appointment of 13 members to the Council’s newly formed Racial Equity Steering Committee during its September 9, 2020 meeting. The Council established a Racial Equity Steering Committee as part of a
resolution that it passed at its July 13, 2020 meeting. The Committee will be tasked with developing recommendations to the City Council regarding the ways in which city government should address and respond to institutional racism and structural inequities.

 The Racial Equity Steering Committee is charged with reviewing the City’s approach to public safety, including but not limited to:

  • an examination of the ever expanding role we, as a City, have asked the police to play in our community — ranging from responding to noise complaints, traffic violations, and violent crime to conducting wellness checks and responding to behavioral health calls and drug overdoses — and whether we have provided them with the appropriate resources to accomplish this work; 
  • the way in which the City interacts with area agencies, organizations, and non-profits in the name of public safety and how these partnerships can best work to enhance public safety in the City; and 
  • recommending changes, as necessary, to various policies, structures, and procedures related to public safety that may disproportionately impact Black people and other persons of color with the specific aim of improving community relations, establishing mutual trust and respect, and rooting out and ending systemic racism.
The members include:

Abul Ali
Pious Ali
Lelia Deandrade
Kate Knox
Merita McKenzie
Peter ODonnell
Jonathan Sahrbeck
Lado Lodoka
Suheir Alaskari
Deborah Ibonwa
Louis Pickens

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