Western Promenade Master Plan

Western Promenade Historic Landscape Master Plan

The Western Promenade is one of Portland’s original designed landscapes and is a key part of the park system envisioned by the Olmsted firm in 1905.  In 1989, the Western Promenade was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and in 1990 it was designated by the City of Portland as a local historic landscape district subject to the protections of the historic preservation ordinance, together with Deering Oaks, Lincoln Park, Eastern Promenade and Baxter Boulevard.  Since 1990, master plans have been written for each of the other four historic landscape districts and major improvements projects have been undertaken with guidance from these plans. Master plans identify current conditions and needs, help prioritize improvements and ensure that work done within the historic park is generally consistent with the park’s original design intent and historic character while accommodating changing needs.  Until this recent initiative, Western Promenade was the only historic park not to have benefitted from such a plan. With the formation of the Friends of Western Prom in 2017, staff began a collaboration between that group, the Historic Preservation Office of the Planning and Urban Development Department and the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department. 

Key milestones in the Master Planning Process:

  • 2018 Grant writing by Historic Preservation office to fund the Master Planning process, along with private fundraising by the Friends of Western Promenade to serve as a match for the grant.
  • 2018 Request for Proposals process (RFP) that led to the selection of Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture (KZLA) of Boston to serve as the lead consultant for production of the Master Plan. 
  • 2019 April Public Meeting #1 held at Reiche School to solicit feedback from neighborhood associations, nearby stakeholders, and the general public. 
  • 2019 June Public Meeting #2 held at Reiche School to share progress on the plan and solicit additional feedback. 
  • 2019 December: Final Draft of Master Plan completed by KZLA. 
  • 2020 January: Joint public meeting of the Historic Preservation Board and Parks Commission to review and provide feedback on the Master Plan. 
  • 2021 May: Master Plan presentation to the Sustainability and Transportation Committee.
  • 2021: Master Plan presentation to the City Council.


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Western Promenade Master Plan