This video represents a few minutes of operations of the proposed roundabout project during a typical afternoon peak hour in this area (i.e. 4:00-5:00 PM or so).  The time frame is a bit sped up to make it easier to quickly see how vehicles and pedestrians interact and operate.

Brighton Avenue/Deering Avenue/Falmouth Street Intersection

For decades the intersection of Brighton Avenue/Deering Avenue/Falmouth Street in Portland, Maine has been a very busy and crash prone location.

This 6 legged intersection known for its long queuing lines of traffic, is in the middle of the USM Campus. It is a well-established mixed-use business and residential neighborhood. Presently Brighton Avenue, (State Route 25), makes up 2 legs of the intersection. Route 25 is a major access into Portland for commuters as well as commercial and emergency vehicles. Many pedestrians and bicyclists travel through the area or visit the Campus or office buildings. Children travel to and from King Middle School just down the street or visit their friends and neighbors constantly  crossing or traveling on all the streets at this location.

The MaineDOT has labeled this intersection as a High Crash Location (HCL) because of the numerous crashes happening here.

In 2012 City Staff and the City Council met with the public to create a solution that would make this a safer and more efficient intersection. 

The conclusion of all involved was to build a Roundabout at this location as part of the City’s Transportation Master Plan.

All though new to the City of Portland the  Roundabout design has been a transportation solution to intersections for many years. 

Some people confuse the term Roundabout with Rotary. Although both are types of traffic circles, the Roundabout is a slow moving safer design that handles high volumes of traffic and pedestrian usage very safely and efficiently.

The City is finishing the Final Design of this project and hopes to go to bid in of 2019. 

This is the  City’s Web Page about this Roundabout and will be updated on a regular basis with material that will be helpful to all those who have some connection to this location. 

The Portland Public Art Committee identified the new roundabout as a future site for public artwork.  An art selection committee was formed and will make a recommendation for artwork selection in 2019.  Visit the Public Art Committee webpage for more information.

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