This is a general breakdown of how security staff is assigned based on the number of passengers per vessel and/or which terminal they berth at:

300-1,000 pax / 7-9 officers at POT & OGW
1,000-2,300 pax / 11-13 officers at POT & OGW
2,300-3,300 pax / 13-15 officers at POT & OGW

Security start times are staggered to maximize the effort throughout the day. The highest need for security is when the shore excursions return at the end of the day.

Security Rules for the Port when a vessel is at berth:
100% screening of all persons, baggage, and personal effects for dangerous substances and devices and prohibited items must be accomplished by either the terminal or the ship.

Check the identification of all persons seeking to enter the facility to include crew ID, passenger tickets and/or boarding passes and photo ID
Segregation of screened from unscreened passengers through the use of security officers and/or barricades.

Receiving of vessel stores/provisions:  Prior notice must be provided to FSO and/or her designee.  Vessel stores must be inspected by either shoreside security or vessel security.

Vessel security officer or designee and FSO or designee must complete a Declaration of Security and set up communications upon arrival.

A passenger and crew list as well as any expected visitors, vendors, and joining crew must be provided to terminal security upon request