Shoreside Services & Amenities

The Port of Portland Maine has the capability of doing provisioning for your ship. We have been doing provisioning for ferry services and smaller ships for many years and continue to this day.

We have done provisioning on one larger ship that was done successfully. On the larger ships we do have many constraints such as door level on the ship that would allow us maximum time for the load in. We also must be aware of the tide and what time the available door is above the dock and available to us for the load in. We currently use Ports America stevedoring and longshoremen who have done an amazing job for over the years.

Locally we have the ability to provide live lobster from our pier to your ship. Ready Seafood that is located on our pier has the ability to ship over 100,000 pounds of live lobster per day along with other products they have.

There are also many other vendors in the area including local farms that can provide fresh product to your ship. We also have a local company called Teenie Greenies that hires challenged staff to grow sprouts and other garnishes that they currently provide to local restaurants