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Water bodies in your neighborhoood

  • Capisic Brook
  • Capisic Pond
  • Evergreen Cemetery Ponds
Current projects in your neighborhood

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Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams:
We are working with the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District to educate residents about how healthy lawn care can help keep our water clean. For more information and to take the Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams pledge click here.

Education Station at Hall School: We have developed and installed an educational sign about keeping water clean at the trailhead to Portland Trails’ Evergreen trail at Hall School. Visit the sign for more information and to see an artistic map of the area surrounding Capisic Brook.

  1. Stormwater Customer Service

    Ph: 207-874-8462

    Public Works Office

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    Public Works Dispatch: 207-874-8493
    Public Works Administration: 207-874-8801

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